Our educational system is one of the great enduring achievements of the 19th and 20th centuries. They are designed to prepare children for success in our growing industrial economy and they did their job well But the 21st-century service and knowledge-based economy has altered the landscape and it requires different skills and ways of learning. Our challenge now is to reinvent school for the 21st century. So what will 21st-century school look like exactly? How it the curriculum be organized and how will it impact the way redesign and expand our schools and how will we judicially allocate. The world has had significant changes in the last few decades and students will require new skills. 21st-century learning and the tool that makes it possible allows students to get the most out of their time in school and helps student get prepared for the world they will encounter once they leave school. What this means is that, the school must provide the knowledge, skills, and expertise, students need to succeed in work and life in the 21st century and the tools to build that competitiveness. At Bal Vidya Mandir, we started the process of integrating technology in our classrooms by implementing smart classes, English language lab, Atal Tinkering Lab and world-class computer and science labs. It provides students with the opportunity to become fully technologically literate and gain important skills using the same modern technology that students use in some of the best and most expensive schools in the country. In addition, the use of ICT has resulted in improvement in teachers’ attitudes, students’ interests, Personality development, and student achievement. Going forward, I will continue my efforts to bring in best international practices in the classroom. We aim for sound quality education affordable to meritorious students from all walks of life So that they may turn their dreams into reality. We aim for equality and true spirit of Brotherhood among all our students. To make our dreams come alive, we believe hard work isn’t an option. It is a necessity. Parents are an integral part of any educational program. I believe that education begin at home, where parents play a major role. Parents should be responsible for having their children ready to learn. Children pick up their cues from adults around them. If an adult is Disrespectful to the teacher, then it will nearly impossible for the children to learn from their teacher. Teachers are becoming aware, not only of emerging technologies but also of their own lack of skills. This is a challenging time for them and when presented with new process technique, skill or tool. They recognize the need to develop their skills and begin to develop their pathway towards acquiring it. Teachers may not have the fluency of students but are much better equipped even at the stage, to see how this technology, skill, or process could be adopted to enhance learning. we are excited to start a new year full of discoveries and experiences. Now, not only do we expect the students to shine academically but we expect their characters to shine. It gives me immense pride to see that our students have excelled in all walks of life and have kept school flags flying as they take their nation into the 21st century. Blessing to all….!! Harish Garg.

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